Find your perfect ensemble.

String Quartet (two violins + viola + cello)

This combination creates a full and lively sound. It is the ideal combination for outdoor sound projection or for events with a guest list that exceeds forty guests.


String Trio (violin + viola + cello)

Enjoy the resonance of the violin, the lushness of the viola, and the depth of the cello. A great combination if you are on a budget but still want the sophistication of a live string group.


String Duo ( violin/viola, violin/cello, viola/cello)

This combination works well for light ceremony music or background music for your cocktail hour.


Guitar Trio (violin + viola + guitar)*

You love the sound of stringed instruments but you want something a little different. The guitar creates a beautiful balance of chords and obligato to layer with the violin and viola.


Guitar duo (violin + guitar)*

The violin weaves through the melody while the guitar creates a musical line of harmony. A blissful combination.


Solo (violin, viola, cello, guitar)*

The sound of stringed instruments warms your heart. This option is best for elopement weddings.


*Amplification is available for the guitar and guitar duo combinations. There are no additional fees for this option.


How to choose:

1) Take into account your guest list size. 

2) Will your event take place indoors or outdoors? Outdoor weddings typically require a larger ensemble.

3) Contact us. We are happy to assist with ensemble recommendations.